12 Mar 2014

Are You Willing to Do Whatever it Takes to Succeed?

When you first made contact with this title what struck your mind? Guess you were already struggling to rationalize to what extent you are ready to go to succeed! You may possibly have been saying to yourself, yes I would not want to do anything unethical to succeed, I would

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01 Mar 2014

Take Charge! As the Web Industry Rocks

Have you wondered why so much attention on the web industry these days, especially web site designs and this going for a relatively affordable pricing. This is so because many are just realizing how less technical and no much of education needed for them to easily get a website running.

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18 Feb 2014

You Now Have A Lucrative Product, What Next to Succeed?

[highlight]Often I hear entrepreneurs say, I left the business because I did not have clients, I think the industry is already saturated as at when I got involved.[/highlight] Have you left a business because you could not keep up with the bills required to run the business as a result

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10 Feb 2014

The Leverage that Comes with Web Hosting!

[highlight]Don’t miss the leverage that comes with Web Hosting![/highlight] I mentioned in my last post that many newbies of web designers or developers just get excited with their charge pay that they only think of what new ostentatious item they buy upon delivering projects to clients. These ones fail to

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08 Feb 2014

Should You Get Overwhelm with the Thought of Web Hosting?

As many newbies are getting to learn how the web world operates they no doubt get overwhelmed with how so many things works and how they are setup. It is just normal you feel that way, of course the essence of longevity of life is to have the allowance to

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