06 Apr 2015

22 Days Ago At Abuja

Abuja the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has always been a decisive hub in Nigeria, which has recently Projected a New Government Administration at Sight, as it came from the Independent National Chairman at The International Conference Centre in Abuja, the Very area I was some 22 days ago which encounter

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13 Mar 2015

Credibility Online – Where To Get The Certification!

Getting started online has created enough trend storm that many persons are already quitting from their salary paid Job to start up an Online Base business of their own! The thought of venturing into an online business is no doubt exciting, especially when you have a model or mentor  you

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09 Jan 2015

You Can Do It Yourself (DIY) – Is Not Difficult!

What is Technical? Today most Nigerians wants to shy away from any task that is described as being technical, to most persons, just the word technical conjures a thought of being difficult! To an extent that is true, but not to make you shy away from getting to know how

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13 Oct 2014

An Untapped Niche in Nigeria – Security Gadgets Industry

The wake of unemployment in the Country has perpetually made us to be in constant search of businesses that we can venture into and gain a mastery over it, of course be known as major dealers in the industry. I have personally being in such quest, and just recently a

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04 Aug 2014

Creating Packages on WHM – Quite Easy!

In my previous Post on How To Host A Website on A Remote Server Using WHM – Hassle Free Approach!, I did mention selecting from options on an already re-configured packages found on your WHM, however most Reseller Web Hosting Companies do not that for their clients so i promised taking

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